Should I Try A New Social Media Channel For My Business?

While Facebook was one of the first social media websites to come out, later social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram have rivaled Facebook’s popularity. Many big businesses have added these channels in order to diversify and improve their marketing campaigns. In this era of advanced technology, there is always something new coming out and the world of social media is no exception. This article will discuss whether it is a good idea to use a new social media channel for your business by exploring the various considerations you should use in making this decision.

#1: You Should Consider Asking Around About It And Read Reviews

The best place to go when asking around about something is your friends and family. Ask if they have heard of the new site and what they think about it. Maybe some of your friends and family have used the site before and think positively of it.

You may also decide to read reviews about it. You might look online for news articles that discuss the new platform or you might hear about it in the local news. The important thing is to spend time and do your research on what others are saying about the new platform. That will give you some idea on whether it is there to stay or whether it will become irrelevant in the next few years.

#2: It Is Wise To Give Some Time And See If The Social Media Platform Increases In Usage

What this means is you should wait and observe usage of this platform over a period of time such as weeks or months. By doing this, you get a sense of whether people are really warming up to the new social media site or whether it is just going to become irrelevant over time and become lost in the vast sea of social media channels. During this period of time, you might look at how many other local businesses have adopted the new platform, how many of your friends and family have started using the platform, as well as whether it is catching on in the public eye.

It is never wise to use the new platform immediately because you don’t know whether or not it will bring success to your marketing efforts. It is always better to wait and see how it does over time so you can get a better sense of whether it would work for you or not.

Serious Games for Children With Autism

“Serious games” are a new generation of mobile and computer apps that have been designed to be more than just a recreational diversion. These games can be used for learning and educational purposes and help train people for medical or health applications and in new environments. They can be both useful and entertaining.

Experts are of the opinion that the fast developing field of serious games has the potential to extend new therapies for improving the health conditions of children having autism spectrum disorder.

More than one percent of the US population is said to be currently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder with the number of autistic persons increasing at an alarming rate every year. While the prevalence of estimates regarding autism varies all over the world, in the US the number is as high as one in every 68 persons.

The causes behind autism spectrum disorder are not exactly known. Scientists believe that a likely combination of prenatal, genetic and environment factors could be the reasons behind autism. A reliable diagnosis of a child can be made at around two years of age. But in most cases, the diagnosis happens at around four years of age, when the symptoms of suspected autism become more visible. In less-developed countries, it’s even much later at around 7-8 years of age, when nothing much can be done therapy-wise.

Therapy options vary once a child is diagnosed of autism. The complete system usually involves appointments with various health professionals including occupational, speech and behavioral therapist.

In most of the cases the therapy of an autistic child is time-intensive and hugely expensive. Not many people can afford the treatment. Some studies have suggested that in order to make the behavioral intervention effective among young autistic children, at least 20 to 40 hours of therapy sessions must be provided each week, for at least a year.

But not the full recommended time needs to be spent with the therapist. Behavioral intervention can happen at home. A weekly visit to the counselor could be enough. This is usually done to track the progress of the counseling sessions and how effectively the intervention methods suggested is being followed at home.

As already said, these therapy sessions are hugely expensive, and could cost as high as $150 for a single sitting. Of course, it varies depending on the state of city you live in. But it is usually inaccessible to most families.

But serious games like learning apps for autistic children can be used both at home and school. These tools have the potential to keep the child engaged and help in their communication.

Message From the Universe: Not All Expenses Are Bad Ones

“All expenditures, whether from the heart or the wallet, in the past or present, big or small, can be viewed as either “depleting” or “enriching.”

Enriching works for me.

Get more,
The Universe”

Investing in yourself is always a great bargain. When you go to school and invest in your education, you sometime wonder if your college degree will render a good paying job, and if it doesn’t, you complain that you might stay with student debt until death. You may ask yourself: “Was my education a wise investment?”. When you look at all the successful entrepreneur who succeeded without any college degree or dropped out of school prior to completing their education and still succeeded beyond our wildest imagination, is education still a good investment?. It all really depends on you. Depending on your degree, you can do whatever you want with it, either be go into business or teach or whatever else you decide within your career. Not all degree are considered to be the same and depending on the school, if its ivy league or not, your degree will have more weight when it comes to getting hired versus someone without an accredited school diploma. This may be true, but again, it all depends on you and how you represent yourself in the interview process. Ivy league graduate school may feel a sense of entitlement and ONLY go for the top paying job even though freshly graduated from the school and not finding the right position. While the other candidate from not a recognized school may go for a job where he or she can gain valuable experience and move faster in life than the entitlement attitude candidate. The Ivy league graduate would have accumulated 125 000 dollars in school debt while the other job filled candidate would owe 30 000 dollars. The latter would pay it off in 5 years while the former in 15 or 20 years. You do the math with this scenario.

I am not saying that education is not a good investment, I got myself a Doctorate degree so I am in NO position to preach that statement. I, however, feel that depending on what you do with your investment is all up to your get go attitude and your pursuit and thirst for knowledge. As I am growing my therapy and counseling service business, I do not take anything for granted and I am thankful and grateful for having that opportunity to finance my degree without any debts, even reaching the top with my education level. I learn so much everyday and I know that my knowledge will always take me through new path that I wouldn’t discover without my passion for life. Giving back is also important when it comes to helping others who never had the opportunities that I had in my life so I work hard to pay it forward as much as I can. Always learn to do the same. Your life will definitely be more fulfilled.