Message From the Universe: Not All Expenses Are Bad Ones

“All expenditures, whether from the heart or the wallet, in the past or present, big or small, can be viewed as either “depleting” or “enriching.”

Enriching works for me.

Get more,
The Universe”

Investing in yourself is always a great bargain. When you go to school and invest in your education, you sometime wonder if your college degree will render a good paying job, and if it doesn’t, you complain that you might stay with student debt until death. You may ask yourself: “Was my education a wise investment?”. When you look at all the successful entrepreneur who succeeded without any college degree or dropped out of school prior to completing their education and still succeeded beyond our wildest imagination, is education still a good investment?. It all really depends on you. Depending on your degree, you can do whatever you want with it, either be go into business or teach or whatever else you decide within your career. Not all degree are considered to be the same and depending on the school, if its ivy league or not, your degree will have more weight when it comes to getting hired versus someone without an accredited school diploma. This may be true, but again, it all depends on you and how you represent yourself in the interview process. Ivy league graduate school may feel a sense of entitlement and ONLY go for the top paying job even though freshly graduated from the school and not finding the right position. While the other candidate from not a recognized school may go for a job where he or she can gain valuable experience and move faster in life than the entitlement attitude candidate. The Ivy league graduate would have accumulated 125 000 dollars in school debt while the other job filled candidate would owe 30 000 dollars. The latter would pay it off in 5 years while the former in 15 or 20 years. You do the math with this scenario.

I am not saying that education is not a good investment, I got myself a Doctorate degree so I am in NO position to preach that statement. I, however, feel that depending on what you do with your investment is all up to your get go attitude and your pursuit and thirst for knowledge. As I am growing my therapy and counseling service business, I do not take anything for granted and I am thankful and grateful for having that opportunity to finance my degree without any debts, even reaching the top with my education level. I learn so much everyday and I know that my knowledge will always take me through new path that I wouldn’t discover without my passion for life. Giving back is also important when it comes to helping others who never had the opportunities that I had in my life so I work hard to pay it forward as much as I can. Always learn to do the same. Your life will definitely be more fulfilled.